If you've entered my Virtual Lounge . . . welcome . . . welcome . . . WELCOME!  I want you to think of this space as your home away from home-your very own virtual lounge and book club.  

Because YOU. ARE. SPECIAL . . .You will have an opportunity to enjoy & discuss my novels and novellas with other readers for FREE. 

Every Sunday by 7pm cst, I will post one chapter per week of one of my favorite books!  I will continue to post a chapter a week until we finish it. Then, guess what?  You'll be able to hang out in the lounge and discuss it since I'm re-opening the LV chat room. 

You can read at your own pace as each chapter will be available for the entire week before it is archived, if for some reason you are unable to get to it. 

There's nothing better than hanging out with people with similar interests even if they have different opinions. I hope you enjoy this new feature and I can't wait to spend some time with all of you in the lounge!



Chapter 1