THIS IS BOOK 2 of The Rules Series

I touched bliss for a little more than twenty-four hours before the chaos of my life returned.

My head was spinning with unrealistic thoughts until clarity came crashing down upon me; to think I could have a future that included acceptance and love were ridiculous.

I studied my dangerous reflection knowing I was at a crossroads.
War had been started for control of my father's empire and what remained of my tarnished soul. Winning and losing would have the same result - my complete annihilation - with one exception.
In an instant, my priorities shifted.

A coldness crept through my body at the realization of what I had to do - the unthinkable.

I once told them it was my game my rules. They didn't believe me. I'll just have to show them.

This is the full-length follow-up novel to The Rules According to Gina.

Please take a listen to the book track that inspired the words on the pages of this novel.

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