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A good man breaks your headboard not your heart.
— Unknown



A Home For Christmas


A Home For Christmas

I have nothing to offer her. He saved my life. I’ll do anything to help him.

This wasn’t supposed to be the way my life turned out. One bad choice has left me homeless. Now, I’m on the street watching a woman about to get carjacked. Here I go again saving others and losing everything.

I just hope she’s worth my life.

He just took a bullet for me. I have to save his life. I don’t care what it costs, this man will not die on me. After all, this is what I trained for. I’m a trauma surgeon and tonight I’m going to use everything I know to make sure this hero lives so I can thank him.

She saved my life. Now, she sits at my bedside not knowing who I am. My pride won’t let me tell her. It’s not like I have a chance. Or do I?

Watch these two find love and themselves in this rags to riches Christmas romance novella.

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