A father I idolized turned me away.

The man I once thought I loved rejected me.

A sister who loved me unconditionally was snatched away.

Sadly, she was the one person who I loved like none other until my father murdered her. For reference, he killed my mother too. A mother kept a secret by him.

LOVE - no matter how pure is an emotion for fools. It makes you soft…weak and I’ve got the scars to prove it. Believe me, it’s more than enough reason to keep that one soft place that remains hidden deeply within the recesses of my heart and away from the Lee-Xiou family curse. Even more so, I think, now that the cloud called a conscience hovers over me no more. I suppose that’s why when I killed my father; I felt nothing – no remorse, no sadness. Absolutely…nothing.

It’ll be interesting to see how the men in my world adjust. I’m in control. My game my rules - The rules according to Gina.

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