After an explosive confrontation filled with secrets, lies and deceit, Faith Jones was ready for a fresh start. The years of insanity that engulfed her life was finally over; she refused to be humiliated or shamed into submission. She was battered but not broken and made ONE promise to herself, she would never repeat the mistakes of the past…NEVER.

Terrance Jackson Jr., was handsome, successful, and living a life of destiny. The moment he meets Faith he knew she could be the one and his life would never be the same. The only obstacle standing in their way was her PROMISE.

Although some promises were meant to be broken, his fight for her heart was going to be an epic battle. Terrance was convinced he’d be victorious because FAITH was all he needed to wage war and win.

But, the WAR will unearth some ugly truths, with the potential to destroy everything and everyone.


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