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Road Trippin' with LaShawn - Baltimore


Road Trippin' with LaShawn - Baltimore

I went to Baltimore, MD this weekend. It was the first stop on my book tour. I met some Ah-MAZING reader friends. First, I’ve never been to Baltimore. Second, it was great! I mean superfreakin’ fantastic! Mary Brooks, Vondetta Carter, Shea Swain, and Regina Stewart-Hunt rolled out the red carpet and made me feel right at home. I even had some of Maryland’s FINEST crab meat and WHOO chile…it was good! For those who wanted to, but couldn’t attend, check out some images and video below! Charleston, SC . . . YOU’VE GOT NEXT!!


Rise and Shine!

Up at 4:30am getting ready for the day!


Road Trippin 7.jpeg

Oh No!

My face when there appeared to be a flight delay. Ended up being all good and on-time!

Flying over the great city of BALTIMORE & about to land!

I MADE IT and had SUCH a great time with some incredible women. We ate. We laughed. We had a few drinks. We talked about books and a few other things we’ll keep just between us! Thanks again for having and hosting me! Next stop....9/7...Charleston ❤️!!!


Road Trippin 5.jpg

Thank you thank you and THANKS again for hosting my Baltimore stop. If you don’t know, she’s the author of Chained to the Devil’s Son & Heaven on Hell Island (one of my favorites)!

AUTHOR SHEA SWAIN (click on the name for more information)


Your TBR Pile is Ridiculous!


Your TBR Pile is Ridiculous!

TBR Pile.gif

Your TBR Pile is Ridiculous . . . and so is mine! Time to fix it. Here’s how?

JULY is HOT! Not just because the weather is a degree less than hell-fire but because it’s the month where lots of HOT books released! It’s also the month where I pair up with diverse (aka black/brown) bloggers / Instagrammers / Booktubers / and more to participate in some of the most popular READ-A-THONS around!

A FUN way to reduce the size of your TBR pile is to join other readers who are participating in one of several read-a-thons:

Bi-Annual Bibliothon - runs from 7/11 - 7/19

24 in 48 - runs from 7/20 -7/21

Reading Rush (formally Booktubathon) - runs from 7/22 - 7/28


You’ve still got time to get your book list together for this years events. If I am already on your TBR list . . . Fantastic! July would be a GREAT month to finally read my work. If not, add me. I’ll even sweeten the pot by gifting you a FREE book from my bookstore. Just use coupon code: READATHON for your FREE copy of Magnetic Pulse (The Hot Voltage Series) - Book #1.

Happy Summer and Happy Reading