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Your TBR Pile is Ridiculous!


Your TBR Pile is Ridiculous!

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Your TBR Pile is Ridiculous . . . and so is mine! Time to fix it. Here’s how?

JULY is HOT! Not just because the weather is a degree less than hell-fire but because it’s the month where lots of HOT books released! It’s also the month where I pair up with diverse (aka black/brown) bloggers / Instagrammers / Booktubers / and more to participate in some of the most popular READ-A-THONS around!

A FUN way to reduce the size of your TBR pile is to join other readers who are participating in one of several read-a-thons:

Bi-Annual Bibliothon - runs from 7/11 - 7/19

24 in 48 - runs from 7/20 -7/21

Reading Rush (formally Booktubathon) - runs from 7/22 - 7/28


You’ve still got time to get your book list together for this years events. If I am already on your TBR list . . . Fantastic! July would be a GREAT month to finally read my work. If not, add me. I’ll even sweeten the pot by gifting you a FREE book from my bookstore. Just use coupon code: READATHON for your FREE copy of Magnetic Pulse (The Hot Voltage Series) - Book #1.

Happy Summer and Happy Reading