Pieces of Me (Broken Hearts Romance Series book 1)

Their plane crashed in the South Pacific.  It was a struggle to survive.  Why after the rescue did life become more dangerous?

Davis Chatham wasn’t supposed to be on this flight, but a crisis with Chatham Industries demanded it.  There was always a crisis —granted none like this, but his name was on the building, it was his problem to solve . . . right?  Being an admitted workaholic is what destroyed his marriage —leaving him broken, bitter, and wishing he’d handled things differently. 

Life had not been kind to Nicole DonLeavy and the last year had been particularly brutal.  She wanted a fresh start —a new beginning. When the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself, she jumped at the chance and all thanks to the man who made it possible—a man she'd never met—Davis Chatham.

One fateful night changes the course of everything.  Get to know Davis and Nicole as they fight to survive on and off an island paradise.  Emotions collide, danger lurks, and ghosts of the past return.  Prepare yourself; this is not your typical love story.

Pieces of Me 2017 Cover .jpg

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