Sandra Catchings never had good luck when it came to relationships. Somehow, she always managed to find the most careless, egocentric and inconsiderate men! Until the day she met Franklin Roth. He was dark, brooding, spectacularly handsome, and exactly the kind of man she should clearly keep at a distance. But, as karma would have it, circumstances forced them together. And, of course, she would fall madly and deeply in love. Then, BAM! Out of Nowhere, it ended. Sandy was left hurt, confused, and over it. Over men like Franklin Roth.

Life had thrown everything at Franklin Roth and left him barely standing. No one understood his choices or the raging Battle Within but he was determined to live with the decisions he'd made.

However, when an intricate web of lies and deceit start to unravel, will it be too late for Franklin and Sandy to have their very own happily ever after?


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