Harrison Haughton messed up.  He made the biggest mistake of his life and knew it the moment Mia Jamison left him.

Every attempt to win her back has failed except for one. The letter. His last hope, the one Harrison poured his heart into, but even it eventually came back – Returned to Sender. Only then did he accept the truth. It was over. Still, a part of him knew, this was the kind of loss he’d carry for a lifetime.

It took Mia Jamison years to recover from a broken heart only to meet the perfect man - a good man, a strong man with ambitions, one who checked all the boxes on her list. If only . . .

If only, coming face to face with Harrison Haughton didn’t open up Pandora’s Box.

No more hiding. It was time deal with a past that had the potential to destroy more than one future.

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