The legendary Maya Angelou told us in her Masterpiece Phenomenal Women that it’s in the arch of our back, the sun in our smile, the ride of our breasts, the grace of our style that's part of the fabric of who we are.  I think I'll add that to my definition of A DANGEROUS WOMAN. She knows the power within her mind, body, spirit, and VOICE.  Some are terrified and think she's someone to fear when she speaks life and uplifts another but we know better. 

We don't even have to imagine the manifestation of that power because she built a nation with it.


Can glance across a crowded room absorbing every bit of energy and nuance without missing a single detail while never letting on she’s noticed anything at all. 

Can balance work, relationships and all that life throws her way while refreshing her favorite color of lipstick in a mirror that reflects nothing but poise and polish regardless of circumstances.   

Can turn trial into triumph while using her strength to make others strong.  She doesn’t boast or is envious; she just strives to be the best version of herself. 

Can detox dangerous levels of toxicity from her inner and outer being - even when love turns sour.  But, when it's healthy she loves hard...unconditional.



Her presence will either make you run to or away.  Like the sun, she's both too hot to touch and yet soothing to the soul.   Stand too close and you'll absorb her away and remain in the darkness.

She may be hard to gaze upon because she will always illuminate your truth.  Still, her most powerful weapon is in her smile.  Take heart; there are warning signs for your level of danger.  You'll recognize it instantly by how much it radiates on her face as it touches her heart and is reflected in her eyes.

This is a DANGEROUS WOMAN - She's secure in her truth and not afraid to live it daily.

Maybe one day I'll write her story.