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Bestselling Author LaShawn Vasser is back with her latest Romantic Adventure! 

Loving Gina 1 cover.jpg

Formally released as The Rules According To Gina refreshed and re-imagined with new scenes. 

There are two things I know for sure, the world is cold and men are bastards. 

All of them. 

A man I once idolized taught me that.

Another man I thought I loved reinforced it.

Then Brody Windham walked into my life, threatening to flip shit upside down.  I was more than tempted until I remembered how impossible it was to mix The Family and love. 

Love makes you stupid and vulnerable. 

And The Family. . . Well, it’s a whole other beast. One my father had led with an iron fist for over 30 years. 

I have plans for my father and The Family. 

I’ve played by their rules my entire life.  That is all going to change.  And, if all goes well, maybe I can have a little taste of Brody too. 

That’s right.  It’s My Game. My Rules.  So, Let the Games Begin!

Find out how it unfolds in Loving Gina - Book 1 in The Elusive Enchantress Series. 

For mature audiences.


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