This has been one interesting week!  Let me announce that I've just sent my copy of Love, Life, and Vows over to be edited.  Fingers crossed that we'll get a September 2014 release date.  

With that housekeeping out of the way, I've seen some very interesting commentary over this past week regarding the Ray and Janay Rice incident; thought I'd add my two cents.  For those of you who live on a planet far far away without any connection to the outside world, Ray Rice is a famous football player who until this week, played for the Baltimore Ravens.  He was cut for being caught on video in an elevator punching his then fiancé now wife, in the face so hard that she lay face down, on the floor for almost a minute or more...unconscious. I won't say he was cut by the NFL because they have a zero tolerance policy for domestic violence. But, I will say now that this has become public his 2 game suspensions for this horrific act was changed to a termination and being indefinitely suspended from the league.  However, his wife, Janay Rice, has decided to support and stand by her man. 

My opinion is simple.  Violence is NEVER okay for either a man or a woman.  Relationships are messy, love is messy and life can be so darn messy.  I understand Janay's need to want to protect the man she loves.  I WON'T judge her...that is a common symptom of being a battered woman.  Vows are meant to be kept...if possible.  But, I'm of a mind when a relationship becomes dangerous, when love becomes dangerous, and when your life is in danger...leave. It's sometimes easier said than done but do whatever you have to do, call whoever you have to call, run as fast as you can...but leave.

Do you think vows are the ties the bind?  Speak on it!