Have you ever run into someone whose energy is such that they just ooze sexiness and it has absolutely nothing to do with how they look?   I’ve seen both men and women have that extra something that makes them that much more attractive.  Don’t get me started on a certain brand of cologne that drives me crazy.  It has been known to wake me up from a deep slumber.

Lately, I can’t say that I’ve been feeling my sexiest.  I used to be a pretty fit person.  However, after having a child in my mid-thirties and after nine years, I’m still using that excuse for not having lost ANY of the baby weight.   Now, if I’m honest with myself, I am overweight for my height and I do need to lose about 30-40lbs BUT that still shouldn’t take away my sexy.

That got me to thinking?  Do you feel sexy?  Just what is sexy?  What does sexy even mean?  The problem with that question and so many like them, is that sexy can mean any number of things to many different people.  For some, sexiness is directly connected to body image, for others it’s a frame of mind, and for others it may be something else entirely. 

That got me to thinking…maybe my SEXY was tied too closely to my outer appearance.   After reading the article in the Huffington Post – How Taking Nude Photos of Myself Helped Me Get Over My Body Issues, I realized that was EXACTLY the case. 

So, I’ve decided to take on this challenge.  I’m going to deal with my body issues (loving me in all of my glory) AND lose some weight; losing the weight is to get healthier not sexier.  Not only am I going to start taking nude photos of myself (on a Polaroid…hopefully THAT can't be hacked), but over the next 30 days I am also going to do twenty minutes a day of hardcore physical exercise while incorporating more water into my daily diet.  That’s it…nothing else for now. 

I’ll keep you posted on both my mental and physical progress.  My hope is some of you will join me.  We can tackle this common issue together while we encourage each other in the process. 

My first check-in will be Sept. 1, 2014!


Keeping It Sexy