Nate tapped once on Braylee’s door before coming inside.  His voice was low…serious.  “Your appointment is here.”

Doing that thing she does with her eyebrow where she only raises one of them, she looked at him, then her phone.  “You couldn’t buzz to let me know that?”

He didn't respond with his usual smirk or even a mischievous smile.  There was nothing.  “No.  You’re supposed to be meeting with a Victor Manor of The Manor Group, Inc. Instead, there is a big ass bodyguard in our lobby with a woman - a stunningly beautiful woman.”  This time it was him who looked at her questioningly, “Does the name Gina Lee Xiou ring a bell? If it doesn’ should.”

Instantly, The Mask appeared.  Old habits die hard.  Braylee gently placed the sterling silver pen she'd been holding on her desk before leaning back into her chair.  She steepled her fingers together and taped them on the bottom of her chin.  “Interesting.  Well well well…she’s here.  By all means please send her in.”

Nate didn’t know if that was a good or bad idea but decided to do as he was asked.  However, before he left he made a request.  “Braylee…keep your composure.”

While her smile was easy he knew better than that.  Nate hoped Braylee would play it cool, but he also knew she was anything but.  Even though her mask was in place, that one unguarded moment in her eyes told another story. The warrior in her had shown up.  Smoothly she responded, “When have you ever known me not to keep my cool during battle?”

He pointed a finger at her, “See, that’s what I’m talking about.  This isn't about Alex, it's about business.  So, stay focused.  You have no idea why she’s here and you’re already preparing for war.”

She turned her cat-like gaze directly at him, “She already started the war.  I just plan to finish it.  So, Nate, please send her in.  I’ve got this I promise.”