Nate paused for another moment before turning to bring in Ms. Lee Xiou.  This was one meeting he’d love to be a fly on the wall to see.  There was a connection between that woman and Alex.  Nate would bet money that it was more than that attempted takeover of his company.  He didn’t think Braylee knew exactly what the connection was either and was too curious for her own damn good.  Apparently, so was Ms. Lee Xiou.  He stepped out into the lobby where she sat expressionless wearing almost the same mask as Braylee.

“Miss Lee Xiou?  Ms. Hinsdale will see you now.”  Gina stood in her all black designer pant suit.  It fit her like a glove hugging her slim waist and rounded hips.  While having a cinnamon complexion and eyes the color of dark chocolate, it was clear she was bi-racial part Chinese.  As she walked past him, Nate also realized how tall she was.  Her head probably came to his chin.  Beautiful, powerful, and apparently ridiculously wealthy.  If nothing else, Alex had great taste in women. 

The door crept open, and as Braylee stood, she smoothed down her skirt.  A moment later, she was face to face with Gina Lee Xiou.

She moved from around her desk and walked toward her with the grace of a panther as she pasted on that smile.   Braylee extended her hand and Gina shook it.  “Ms. Lee Xiou please have a seat.” 

Gina couldn’t help but assess the woman who was keeping Alexandro’s bed warm at night.  She looked a bit different from her pictures.  It must be the hair.  She’d cut it.  The short hair drew attention to her high cheekbones, rounded eyes, and full lips.  She guessed some people might even call her pretty.

“Thank you Ms. Hinsdale.  I wasn’t sure we’d have an opportunity to meet during my brief visit to the States.”  Gina had done her homework on Braylee Hinsdale and she would make a formidable opponent.

Braylee went to sit back down behind her desk.  “You have me at somewhat of a disadvantage.  I didn’t know you would be on my calendar today.”

“My apologies but a woman in my position can’t be too careful.  I like to move discreetly you understand.  Surprises are sometimes necessary.”

The Mask was firmly in place, “I’m not surprised to see you.  I just didn’t know it would be today.  Sooner or later, I knew we would meet.”

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