The Love of a Good Man 

In the famous words of Al Green’s Love and Happiness 

Something that can make you do wrong

Make you do right


Love is such a powerful emotion.  You can find yourself in some precarious situations all because of it.  As a matter of fact, my mantra has always been “love doesn’t care who it falls in love with so pick wisely with whom you spend your time.”

Yes, when you’re with the wrong person, you can find yourself asking the question, what the hell was I thinking?  Were those police lights? 

I’m sure most of us have been stuck on stupid at least ONCE in our lives.  And, if you haven’t, as my grandmother used to say – just keep living.

In my most recent book release, FAITH-Her Love Story, it’s safe to say that the title character was definitely stuck on stupid for a while – LOL!  But, once she was no longer bound…common sense slowly but surely began to resurface.

Having the love of a good man can also have the opposite effect.  That same emotion that can make you want to do wrong…can make you want to do RIGHT!  It can bring out a vulnerability and a softness that some women find safer to keep hidden deep within their secret place.

Oh yeah, don’t get me started on putting on that voice or spending all day trying to figure out how to make his favorite meal…when you don’t even like to cook!  And, that’s just the simple stuff that I’m willing to admit to.  I’ll keep some of the more shall we say…outlandish things to myself. But, I’m happy and he is too *wink*. 

Anyway, I’m a Romantic Fiction Author whose main female lead characters will always be written from the perspective of an African American woman.  However, she will be open to love from whomever will treat her the way she wants to be treated. 

How is it that she wants to be treated? Well, let me tell you…like she is the most important person in his world.  A world where she is loved with a burning passion, protected at all costs, and cherished as if she is the most precious gift on the planet. 

When you’re with the right person, there is almost nothing you won’t do…for love.