I HATE the Covers of IR/MC/AA Romance Novels

Why doesn't the character descriptions ever match the people on the covers?  Why don't the cover models look African American when the main characters are African American? This is a message that authors are hearing loud and clear. 

You've heard the legitimate excuse of limited options for African American/Multicultural images and that's TRUE.  I've also been asked, "LaShawn why don't you just ask someone to pose for you and take the picture?" Unfortunately, there is a lot more that goes into it than that.  If it were that easy, you'd have more authors doing it.  Not to mention, most authors, especially independent authors, have very limited budgets.  Don't I wish it were as easy as grabbing a camera…pointing and shooting a ridiculously attractive person for the cover, but unfortunately it's not.  

Therefore, we've
/I've been forced to use photos from the different photo houses...until today!  Because you have been so loyal and good to me...I'm EXCITED to be able to share only with you some behind the scenes footage of a photo shoot I was able to put together for the best readers ever!  Meet Faith and Terrance (the make-up and hair-stylist too) for my next release...FAITH

When you talk...I listen!  I hope you love this couple as much as I do. 
FAITH coming soon.