I write romantic fiction because I believe there is nothing better than the feeling of being In Love.  That human connection between two people that surpasses the physical into a realm that is unexplainable;  That feeling of being suspended in air, the quickening of your heartbeat, the butterflies in your stomach, your skin prickling with sensitivity – as a matter of fact ALL of your senses of touch, smell, and taste roaring to life.  Quite simply that is the purpose of ROMANCE. 

I asked the question of my readers, What is Romance?  Because as a romantic fiction writer, I wanted to get to the heart of the matter, I wanted insight into producing a better experience in my books. 

However, for many, they just simply haven’t had time for romance and couldn't answer the question personally.  Have our lives become so increasingly busy with working, taking care of children, a parent, a household and more, or a combination of all of the above, that Romance seemingly has become an afterthought; only something to read about.    

Think about that for a minute…is romance really only in books?  When asked about it, most individuals found it difficult to articulate what they need and/or want from their partners.

Well, for me, without romance…the physical act of being together…it’s just well…less.  Romance is one way of staying connected to your partner mentally, spiritually, and physically.  

So, think about that question.  Ask yourself…What is Romance and how do you want to be Romanced?  What would make you feel as if you’re suspended in air?  If you can answer that question…great! If you can’t….take some time to really think about it and share it with your partner.  Then, ask your partner the same question.

But, if you’re currently not In Love,  my hope is that my books will give you an experience that for a few hours at least… will make you believe you are.

Sound off…tell me your thoughts!